I’ve been withdrawing a little from the whole ‘look at me’ on social media; look at me standing on my head…look at me blissed out in nature…look at how happy I am world!

Sometimes I get tired of looking at the bikini clad, tight and tanned yogis on Instagram and Facebook. How do they travel the world, seemingly in an endless summer striking another perfect yoga pose on another perfect beach? I do not know!

What I do know is that I fell into an old habit I thought I had long grown out – that of comparing myself to everyone else. Look at her with her hugely successful online business, look at her with her lucrative yoga sponsors or look at him leading fully booked yoga retreats to Bali…and so on.

As I chided myself for slipping backwards into non-yogic behaviours, I was reminded that part of my ongoing yoga journey is to notice when my ego tries to assert itself to lead me astray from my yogic path. In this case, my ego was causing me to feel a little less confident, determined and sure-footed in my yoga business.


In yogic terms, I was giving into one of the YamasAparigraha. (A Yama is a refusal and adhering to them is the first of the eight steps of yoga). Aparigraha translates to non-grasping or non-greed.

The example in this context might be “Why doesn’t my blog post give me the results I deserve?”

I was attaching to the outcome, rather than just enjoying the moment, waiting for the outcome to unfold. This behaviour can be difficult to stop as our culture is so result and material driven.


Secondly, I was not meeting one of the NiyamasSantosha. (A Niyama is an ideal and is the second of the eight steps of yoga). Santosha translates to contentment.

In this context, I was fidgety, restless, comparing my business to others on social media and this made me far from content! This made me scatty and unfocussed, like chasing several rabbits down different rabbit holes hoping I might catch one and achieve a small win.

What’s the outcome?

There isn’t one! Although there are lessons learned; I am reminded that I am continually on my yoga journey and that I’ll never get it or reach the destination and that’s ok. My business will continue for as long as I have it and I will continue for as long as I am.