This blog post from has some great healthy and easily implemented ideas for improving wellbeing in your workplace.

Do you want to reduce absence?

Do you want to increase productivity?

Ask yourself; are your employees fit for work?

It’s a fact that poor health can be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise. Here are some tips to make it easier to be healthier at work:

  • Check what’s in your vending machines or canteen, can healthier options be provided?
  • Provide a free fruit bowl for your employees?
  • Offer lunchtime exercise classes such as Yoga or chair based exercises.
  • Start a lunchtime walking group.
  • Include a slimmer’s club in your benefits package and reward employees with a fruit bowl or certificate when they reach goals.
  • Have a nutritionist come in to talk about healthy eating.
  • Work with local gyms for a reduced rate for membership.
  • Sign up as a workforce for Marathons, Fun Runs or Sponsored Walks, then train together.
  • Use an Occupational Health provider to conduct health MOT’s for employees on a quarterly or half yearly basis.
  • For employees that spend time on the road or travelling, educate them on healthy eating.

There is a widely recognised link between health and job performance, and many companies understand that increased success is achieved through a healthier workforce and so they are introducing health initiatives. Why?

Because, with a healthier workforce there is less absence due to illness, morale is improved, productivity is increased and employees want to stay working for that business.

Employees also benefit, they are more satisfied in their job and are able to handle stress better. Health initiatives also raise employee engagement.

So, give your business a health check for 2016 and see if you can introduce some healthier ways of working.