Teaching mindfulness at work is a great initiative. Teaching staff to get out of their own heads, connect with their breathing, in effect pausing between all the busy-ness, helps staff approach each other and their work in a more meaningful, resilient and effective way. Great for employers and the company overall.

How mindfulness training helps software company Yesware “be more effective, build better software, (and) sell more of it.”

Meditation remains a big part of Bellows’s life, he says, and he encourages contemplative practices—be it meditation, yoga, or something else—at work. Yesware teaches in-house classes on “mindfulness at work,” which he says means “instead of being swept up in the crazy rush of activities we have, running from an email to a meeting to the coffeepot and back, we actually maintain some perspective on the flurry, the rush, and the activity. We’re still really busy, but we have some sense of perspective on it. We pause, take a breath, realize we’re alive, we’re human, we have feelings, and we relate with each other.”

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