How yoga can help your intimate life

Guest post by Emily Apple.

Yoga practice offers you many different benefits. It’s a surefire way to improve your flexibility, breathing, and build muscle strength. Through yoga, you can perfect your posture, lose weight, and improve on your circulation. All of which are extremely necessary as you grow older. And when your age begins to creep […]

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Feeling burned out? You’re not alone

Heads Up has some great resources and tips if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or burned out at any time.

As the nature of work changes over time, we’re taking more work and stress home. As a consequence, many of us increasingly feel like we are struggling to keep up with the demands of our jobs. […]

Confluence of the Three Rivers

This is the fourth of several journal entries that I’m sharing written on my recent spiritual retreat to India.

After three days, we leave Varanasi and drive North to Allahabad. It’s where the confluence of three rivers meet; Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati. The latter has since dried up and can’t be seen. Not many Westerners come […]

Why I think your ego is like a meerkat

This morning I saw a very large woman cross the road in front of me. So large that I even started to feel self-conscious for her. Not only was she very large, she was wearing a brown skirt and I can’t even remember what colour her top was – so beige and drab and large […]

You too can dance in psychedelic leggings

Over the weekend I went to my first yoga conference. I went alone and didn’t quite know what to expect.

One of the workshops I went to explored the ‘vast physical and energetic landscape of our multi-layered body’ through movement and letting go of inhibitions and preconceived ideas. The presenter was Camilla Maling owner of the […]

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Amazing benefits of yoga – Infograph

After Class
Improved Brain Function
Just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga — an ancient form of the practice that emphasizes physical postures rather than flow or sequences — can improve cognitive function, boosting focus and working memory. In a University of Illinois study, participants performed significantly better on tests of brain functioning after yoga, as compared to […]

Do you use the F word?

Did you know that women perform 66% of the world’s work, produce 50% of the world’s food and yet own 1% of the world’s property? Thanks to the equal pay gap, women effectively work for free from early November while men get paid until the end of the year. Scandalous!

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated […]