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Benefits of the breath


Go to any yoga class and you’ll hear your teacher constantly remind you to notice your breathing; when to inhale and exhale as you move your body through various poses. We breathe without thinking about it but so many of us breathe shallowly and even incorrectly!

When we breathe, our belly should gently rise and when we exhale our […]

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Are mindfulness and meditation the same?

Photo by Isabell Winter

It is difficult to pick up a lifestyle magazine or scroll through your favorite yoga-related social media pages without seeing mention of the benefits of mindfulness and meditation. The words “mindfulness” and “meditation” often seem interchangeable, and both practices appear to have the same advantages. So why the different terminology?

Because these terms […]

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R U OK? Screen time beats family and friend time.

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Today is R U Ok? Day Australia and Saturday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day highlighting the effect suicide has on family, friends, colleagues and society at large.

Unfortunately, this year marks an occasion much too close to home. A few months ago, a friend of mine took his own life quite suddenly, plunging his immediate loved ones into […]

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This Habit May Separate Happy & Unhappy People

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Take a minute to consider these four scenarios. Which do you think would make you happiest?

Ironing a shirt and thinking about ironing the shirt.
Ironing a shirt and thinking about a sunny getaway.
Visiting the Louvre, standing before a Monet, and letting yourself be drawn in by its beauty.
Visiting the Louvre, standing before a Monet, […]

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Schools tackle teen anxiety with yoga

Teenagers. If you think back to your time as one, you might recall your teens as being the best years of your life. Alternatively, they could have been the worst years of your life. Mine were ok; I mainly remember shyness, awkwardness, having big feet and braces. In the school social hierarchy, I think I […]

How to get out of your own head

Do you know what I have noticed a lot of recently? People walking alone on the street talking to themselves. You know, having a good old natter, aloud on their own-some.

I imagine that they’re replaying conversations they’ve had with people that day. Perhaps reliving a reaction or going over a conversation. Maybe by replaying an […]

4 Reasons to leave your ego at the yoga room door

In a yoga class, you should feel at ease and comfortable within the room and with your teacher and fellow students. I often see people looking scared, embarrassed, or worried as they move through the poses, making me wonder whether they are enjoying themselves at all.  Others get annoyed and frustrated with their own bodies […]

Tame your monkey mind? How to stop thinking so much

Every day we have around 3000 thoughts! In yoga we equate a busy mind with that of a ‘monkey mind’ – whereby our thoughts are continually jumping around all over the place. Many of these thoughts are probably unnecessary to our everyday functioning and activities.

Consider what you think about. Do any of the following thoughts […]

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Stress: 5 things you don’t want to know

You’re running late for work. Waiting on the train platform, you hear a loud speaker announcement that your train has been cancelled and there is a 20 minute wait for your next one.

The window of time you had to prepare for your 9.30am meeting is narrowing.

You don’t want to look unprofessional in front of […]

You too can dance in psychedelic leggings

Over the weekend I went to my first yoga conference. I went alone and didn’t quite know what to expect.

One of the workshops I went to explored the ‘vast physical and energetic landscape of our multi-layered body’ through movement and letting go of inhibitions and preconceived ideas. The presenter was Camilla Maling owner of the […]