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Benefits of the breath

Photo: amytreasure.com

Go to any yoga class and you’ll hear your teacher constantly remind you to notice your breathing; when to inhale and exhale as you move your body through various poses. We breathe without thinking about it but so many of us breathe shallowly and even incorrectly!

When we breathe, our belly should gently rise and when we exhale our […]

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The ultimate shavasana

Almost a month ago I had the privilege to lead a real life shavasana. That is a real life letting go. For ever.

At the end of my yoga class, I always finish with at least 10 minutes of shavasana; otherwise known as corpse pose. This is where we lie down on our mat and be […]

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Why You Should Never Cut Out Of Your Yoga Class Early

Extract from Mind Body Green (Ahlia Hoffman)
If you have practiced yoga with an instructor, you have likely heard him or her say that the final relaxation pose (savasana or corpse pose) is the most important or most beneficial posture in your practice.

When I first started practicing yoga, I thought this statement had to be false, […]

8 Benefits for holding yoga at work

A typical Wednesday for me now is walking into a large corporate building in Docklands, Melbourne and being greeted by the friendly guy at the security desk sees me walk in and asks,

“Got your swag with you again?”

He is referring to my bright orange rolled up yoga mat slung over my shoulders, which along with […]

4 Reasons to leave your ego at the yoga room door

In a yoga class, you should feel at ease and comfortable within the room and with your teacher and fellow students. I often see people looking scared, embarrassed, or worried as they move through the poses, making me wonder whether they are enjoying themselves at all.  Others get annoyed and frustrated with their own bodies […]

There’s a yoga teacher in your lounge room

Picture this.

Imagine getting home from a busy day in the office or finally having a moment to yourself once your baby/children are asleep and……..there she is!   Standing on a yoga mat in your lounge room………….is your very own yoga teacher! There to guide you through your very own yoga class from the comfort of your […]