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Feeling burned out? You’re not alone

Heads Up has some great resources and tips if you find yourself becoming overwhelmed or burned out at any time.

As the nature of work changes over time, we’re taking more work and stress home. As a consequence, many of us increasingly feel like we are struggling to keep up with the demands of our jobs. […]

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3 Yoga poses to counter the Monday blues

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The weekend’s over and it’s back to the daily grind. Monday has come to symbolize a return to the dull, the boring, the tedious. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Many people try to psyche themselves up for the day (and week) ahead with coffee, but why not try […]

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Benefits of corporate yoga

Corporate yoga is low impact, improves strength and flexibility, builds concentration, and reduces mental stress and physical tension. Yoga is also known to reduce fatigue and generate energy – great for improving productivity and morale.

Yoga in the work place makes it easy for employees to join in without the need to spend time traveling to and from […]

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Love your downward dog without sore wrists

Weak wrists?

If you are new to yoga or have gone back to yoga practice after some time off, you might notice a lack of strength in your wrists.

I know some of my beginner students will ask me how to the avoid soreness they feel in their wrists; usually after a few Downward Facing Dogs.

For those […]

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How you can mellow with mindfulness

Mindfulness is about focussing only on the present moment – living in the NOW. Being aware of what you see, hear, smell, taste and how you feel RIGHT NOW.
What’s wrong with thinking about the past or the future?
Nothing. Only that the past is gone so you can’t change it and the future isn’t yet here […]

Finite: 4 weird thoughts I’ve had

This week I drew a blank on what to write about. I searched externally; scouring yoga and lifestyle blogs and social media but found nothing to inspire me to write about. Instead I searched internally (my head) and decided to share with you the thoughts in it. You might consider these strange so I’ve named […]