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10 ways back to the light

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1 OCTOBER 2015 } by Psychologies

Next Saturday marks World Mental Health Day. Here, we talk to James Rhodes, author of of ‘Instrumental: A Memoir of Madness, Medication and Music’, and Matt Haig, author of ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’ about the top ten strategies that helped them through the more difficult times

On Saturday 10 October, Matt Haig […]

How An Hour Of Meditation Transformed My Workday

Earlier this week, Fast Company staff participated in a meditation session for creativity. Here’s how it changed my workday and attitude.

At Fast Company, we write a lot about how to do your best creative thinking. Unfortunately, continually hearing this insight from the best in business doesn’t always save me and my colleagues from hitting our own creative ruts.

For […]

Awesome yoga and meditation spaces for your home

Dream Spaces: Yoga and Meditation Zones to Help You Find Your Zen

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How you can mellow with mindfulness

Mindfulness is about focussing only on the present moment – living in the NOW. Being aware of what you see, hear, smell, taste and how you feel RIGHT NOW.
What’s wrong with thinking about the past or the future?
Nothing. Only that the past is gone so you can’t change it and the future isn’t yet here […]

World Mental Health Day

Guess what? Next week is Mental Health Week which is the lead up to World Mental Health Day (WMHD) on the 10th October. It’s a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. An initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, WMHD is an annual program held on 10 October to raise public awareness of mental […]

Taking Sannyas; spiritual versus material

Last week I had the honour of witnessing Sannyas. This is where a person renounces their worldly and material pursuits to instead dedicate their lives to spiritual pursuits.

Sheryl spent years as a yoga teacher and around two years ago entered the stage known as Brahmacharya. This comes before taking Sannyas whereby Sheryl indicates to the […]

Tame your monkey mind? How to stop thinking so much

Every day we have around 3000 thoughts! In yoga we equate a busy mind with that of a ‘monkey mind’ – whereby our thoughts are continually jumping around all over the place. Many of these thoughts are probably unnecessary to our everyday functioning and activities.

Consider what you think about. Do any of the following thoughts […]

6 Phase Meditation

Daily meditation is a life changer!