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Read this before you organise a corporate yoga session

Some great tips for corporate yoga in the workplace – both for the organiser and participants. (Although unlike the author I have never had anyone turn up in a sari!) 

Always have a theme for your session. This is important because it allows the trainer to tailor the session to the specific theme and stick to it. The […]

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How to eat to optimise your yoga practice

Article written by Emily Apple
Photo by Aral Tasher

Yoga is not for sissies. Power Yoga and even heated Vinyasa or Bikram can really make you sweat and increase your heart rate substantially. So, as with all other types of exercise, you must consider eating enough and eating the correct foods to support your exercise regime.

We’ve heard […]

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Namaste boss! Why yoga at work works

This article first appeared in Although the companies highlighted in the article are US based the benefits of having regular yoga sessions in the workplace equally apply to Melbourne workplaces.

Yoga has been proven to alleviate stress in the workplace increasing productivity, relationships within teams and reducing depression and absenteeism. HeadsUp states the following:

$2.30 […]

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The ultimate shavasana

Almost a month ago I had the privilege to lead a real life shavasana. That is a real life letting go. For ever.

At the end of my yoga class, I always finish with at least 10 minutes of shavasana; otherwise known as corpse pose. This is where we lie down on our mat and be […]

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Yoga vs the gym: 6 ways yoga adds to your workout


I recently taught a yoga class for a group of strong women. I say that as I know they all regularly work out at the gym. They use weight bearing machines and they are committed to remaining strong and active particularly as they get older.

We warmed up our joints and spine before beginning a few […]

4 Reasons to leave your ego at the yoga room door

In a yoga class, you should feel at ease and comfortable within the room and with your teacher and fellow students. I often see people looking scared, embarrassed, or worried as they move through the poses, making me wonder whether they are enjoying themselves at all.  Others get annoyed and frustrated with their own bodies […]

There’s a yoga teacher in your lounge room

Picture this.

Imagine getting home from a busy day in the office or finally having a moment to yourself once your baby/children are asleep and……..there she is!   Standing on a yoga mat in your lounge room………….is your very own yoga teacher! There to guide you through your very own yoga class from the comfort of your […]

Be brave and stand tall as a Warrior

Almost everyone who has ever been to a yoga class will remember Warrior pose. There’s hardly a class where at least one Warrior pose isn’t practiced.

It might seem a little strange that something as peaceful and loving as yoga, would have connections to a Warrior. It is said the poses are named from the Bhagavad-Gita, […]

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Amazing benefits of yoga – Infograph

After Class
Improved Brain Function
Just 20 minutes of Hatha yoga — an ancient form of the practice that emphasizes physical postures rather than flow or sequences — can improve cognitive function, boosting focus and working memory. In a University of Illinois study, participants performed significantly better on tests of brain functioning after yoga, as compared to […]

3 reasons to give yoga on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day and it’s fizz is fast approaching. How it is greeted depends from which Valentine love cloud you floated down from. It can divide a lot of people and create an experience of mixed emotions some of which include:

Indifference for those who consider it a Hallmark Holiday unworthy of the hype
Stress for those trying […]