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Benefits of the breath


Go to any yoga class and you’ll hear your teacher constantly remind you to notice your breathing; when to inhale and exhale as you move your body through various poses. We breathe without thinking about it but so many of us breathe shallowly and even incorrectly!

When we breathe, our belly should gently rise and when we exhale our […]

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Clear your mental clutter

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The last few months I have felt a strong urge to purge; particularly my wardrobe and drawers. I must admit I wasn’t totally ruthless, as I made a pile for charity / throwing and another pile I hung in a wardrobe in another room – just in case. I wanted to see whether the […]

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R U OK? Screen time beats family and friend time.

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Today is R U Ok? Day Australia and Saturday 10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day highlighting the effect suicide has on family, friends, colleagues and society at large.

Unfortunately, this year marks an occasion much too close to home. A few months ago, a friend of mine took his own life quite suddenly, plunging his immediate loved ones into […]

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Tips to manage job stress at work

Job stress is a normal response to the pressures and demands of work. Some people thrive in high-pressure environments and enjoy the ‘buzz’ when they’re facing a tight deadline or have an important presentation coming up. However, prolonged job stress over a significant period of time can be damaging to your mental health.

Finding the right […]

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The business case for meditation

Teaching mindfulness at work is a great initiative. Teaching staff to get out of their own heads, connect with their breathing, in effect pausing between all the busy-ness, helps staff approach each other and their work in a more meaningful, resilient and effective way. Great for employers and the company overall.
How mindfulness training helps software company Yesware “be […]

How An Hour Of Meditation Transformed My Workday

Earlier this week, Fast Company staff participated in a meditation session for creativity. Here’s how it changed my workday and attitude.

At Fast Company, we write a lot about how to do your best creative thinking. Unfortunately, continually hearing this insight from the best in business doesn’t always save me and my colleagues from hitting our own creative ruts.

For […]

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5 ways you can be mindful every day

This article first appeared on and was written by Jemma Newcombe, Founder of three clouds yoga.

Mindfulness seems to be the buzzword right now. It was brought into Western culture as a means to combat the never ending flow of information, stimulation and stressors of life. We all have our own stressors; whether it be parenting, […]

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Yoga vs the gym: 6 ways yoga adds to your workout


I recently taught a yoga class for a group of strong women. I say that as I know they all regularly work out at the gym. They use weight bearing machines and they are committed to remaining strong and active particularly as they get older.

We warmed up our joints and spine before beginning a few […]

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How you can mellow with mindfulness

Mindfulness is about focussing only on the present moment – living in the NOW. Being aware of what you see, hear, smell, taste and how you feel RIGHT NOW.
What’s wrong with thinking about the past or the future?
Nothing. Only that the past is gone so you can’t change it and the future isn’t yet here […]

Energy of Buddha in India

This is the second of several journal entries that I’m sharing written on my recent spiritual retreat to India.

Today we drive North of Varanasi to Surnath; renowned for its ancient remains of Buddhist stupas, monasteries and temple. It is where Buddha gave his first teachings after reaching enlightenment under the Boddhi tree. Many Buddhists come […]