When we think about hips, they normally belong to a woman and relate to her size and shape. What we don’t give much thought to is hip flexibility both in men and women.

How do we know if our hips are tight?

If you work in an office you probably have tight hip flexors. Sitting at a desk hunched over a computer is unnatural for our bodies. The muscles in our hips become shortened and overactive which in turn causes our buttocks and the muscles in them (glutes) to remain stretched and inactive.

Tight hips causes our pelvis to tilt forwards and our buttocks aren’t strong enough to pull our pelvis back. This can cause the lower back to arch as a sway back. This can affect our posture, balance and lead to other complications such as disc problems and sciatica.

What do our hips do?

Our hips connect our torso to our lower body and enable us to lift our legs up towards us as well as outwards (abduct) and inwards (adduct). They help keep us active and mobile.

Let’s loosen our hips

In this 3 minute video I show you 3 yoga poses to open up your tight hips.