Did you know Google have a chief happiness officer?! Below is 1 of the 7 tips; click on the link below to ready about the other 6.

Since Chade-Meng Tan, chief happiness officer at Google, introduced his Search Inside Yourself program in 2007, many other companies have introduced meditation and mindfulness programs, including Aetna, The Huffington Post and Apple.

Companies are funding these programs for their staff and setting up meditation rooms. They have found that offering meditation classes to employees as part of a workplace wellness program can:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce stress-related illness
  • reduce the incidence of mistakes and errors
  • and improve recall and memory.

In 2012, research conducted by the University of California, found that long-term meditators have larger amounts of gyrification (‘folding’ of the cortex, which may allow the brain to process information faster) than people who do not meditate, and they also found that meditation strengthens the connections between brain cells. Dr Brockis believes that if you practice daily meditation anywhere between five to 50 minutes a day, like how you would practice a musical instrument everyday, it could result in two to three hours of efficient, high-quality work.

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