Guest article by Emily Apple
Photo by Scott Webb

If you’re looking to get fit and healthy then winter is the season to start your new gym routine, in preparation for summer when you can show off what you achieved through hard work.

No matter whether you’re a yogi, a spinning fanatic or if you even lift, your gym clothes are bound to take a beating. All types of exercise make you sweat, all over. This means that your new pair of Lorna Jane tights or luxury sports bra will become drenched in perspiration within the first ten minutes of your class. By the time you’re in the shower your gym clothes will have been subjected to close on a solid hour of sweatiness which can result in a pile of smelly clothes that you struggle to get clean and fresh again.

The very first thing to bear in mind is that your gym clothes cannot be treated in the same way as your regular clothes. They need to be washed in a specific way that ensures they actually come clean. Your gym clothes are made materials that don’t soak up moisture but rather repel it. This means they aren’t soaking up enough water and detergent to lift dirt and grime, and they’re not soaking up enough water to have a proper rinse. What’s more the fibres of gym clothes hold in the likes of detergents and fabric softeners. Even your body oils get trapped in these fibres and this is what proliferates the smell of your gym clothes even after you’ve washed them a number of times.

To ensure you get your gym clothes clean, fresh and smelling good follow these simple tips.

Throw out your nice smelling soaps

The additives in detergents that make them smell nice leave a residue on your clothes and are not easily rinsed off gym clothes. As mentioned, gym clothes repel water so rinsing soap off or out of them is a bit fruitless and the left over detergent that remains on the clothes can actually cause them to smell. Therefore, buy scent-free detergent and up the ante by adding half a cup of vinegar to your gym clothes wash to really lift the dirt and smells.

Don’t leave your dirty gym clothes bagged

Take your clothes out of your gym bag as soon as possible, especially if you workout first thing in the morning before heading to work. Hang your clothes over the backseats of your car rather than leaving your clothes bunched up and shoved into your bag. This means they’ll remain damp and this could lead to them becoming mouldy. This will cause your clothes, bag and shoes to smell terribly and unhealthy to wear.

Keep your shoes separate from, well… everything else

Odour-causing bacteria is commonplace in gym shoes. So, in order to keep your beautiful Bali-bought yoga pants in excellent condition, bag your shoes separately.

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