Earlier this week, Fast Company staff participated in a meditation session for creativity. Here’s how it changed my workday and attitude.

By Alexa Jaccarino

At Fast Company, we write a lot about how to do your best creative thinking. Unfortunately, continually hearing this insight from the best in business doesn’t always save me and my colleagues from hitting our own creative ruts.

For me, the “creative rut” feels like oversaturation; there’s so much going on in my mind, but I’m unable to focus on any one idea, experience, or question with a meaningful degree of mental clarity. Unable to—as Neil DeGrasse Tyson put it—reach out to everything that I know and have around me and “make connections that no one else thought to.” Could meditation help?

I’ve dabbled in meditation practices on and off, but regardless of whether it felt like a great experience or a challenging one, I always ended up abandoning it. But now, as summer is coming to a close and that back-to-school energy has imbued me with high hopes of entering the fall as a re-energized and creative contributor, I thought there could be no better moment to give meditation another shot, this time with creative intention set.

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