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This week I drew a blank on what to write about. I searched externally; scouring yoga and lifestyle blogs and social media but found nothing to inspire me to write about. Instead I searched internally (my head) and decided to share with you the thoughts in it. You might consider these strange so I’ve named these thoughts ‘weird’ to save you the hassle!

I offer no solutions nor defense for my weird thoughts. However, if you do, I’d love for you to share them with me below.

The impermanence of life

It’s so easy to forget in our rush through the days of the week toward the weekend – where we live as we would if we weren’t in a job five days of the week. I’m guilty of this too. We should just ride the necessary boring moments as moments in our life to savour, accept and live in the moment whilst we’re doing them.

We’re not special

How we journey through life doing pretty much the same things as our parents did at our age as they did when their parents were their age and so on. It’s easy to forget that life isn’t all about us and how we are so unique in this life and that we are living an extraordinary life that no one else has before us. They have; for thousands of years.

We think the Earth is ours

Like where I live in Melbourne. I take an interest in our future planning policies such as urban design, housing density, road and rail infrastructure. These are always popular and derisive issues that no one can really agree upon. Sure these things are important and do matter for our livability and environmental sustainability. Except that we’ll die and our future Melbournians will live here and debate and disagree on the same issues. Maybe we just have to practice acceptance; whatever we think about things will not change them.

We always want more

More money, more power. Better job and status. Expensive holidays and a bigger house. I’m guilty of this. We recently moved into a new house – upsizing from our previous two bedroom apartment in the city. We wanted more space and simply a change. Now we have two awesome bathrooms. Except in five weeks my husband has used the second shower once and me never!

Wanting more is just part of our human nature. Often it’s so we can retire comfortably or leave money and assets to our children. What if we die before we retire or don’t have children to leave our worldly goods to? I guess that’s the gamble we take.

What’s the answer?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s simply having a healthy awareness of our finite existence and our effect on our fellow humans and on this Earth that we temporarily share. Remembering love always. xxx

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