ego-is-like-a-meerkatThis morning I saw a very large woman cross the road in front of me. So large that I even started to feel self-conscious for her. Not only was she very large, she was wearing a brown skirt and I can’t even remember what colour her top was – so beige and drab and large was she. Her hair was brown, thin and limp, her face devoid of make-up and she walked slowly.

I recall thinking, (which is my ego raising its Judgey head a bit like a meerkat) to silently comment on this woman before me. It started to say things like:

In the split second it took my ego to form these thoughts SOMETHING else popped into my mind. (I am by no means saintly nor particularly wise). My inner self said, “She is also human, just like you and everyone else. Like all of us she needs to give love and receive love as she goes about her life.” Maybe my inner self squeezed in to squash down my egotistical thoughts. I have no idea whether she is poor and miserable – she could be minted and jumping for joy on the inside!

This all happened within a few seconds but as I turned the corner and drove off, I remembered how our ego LOVES to pop up, meerkat like, survey the scene and the people in front of us, and decide, “Yep I totally know what’s going on here and what type of people you all are.” Within a few seconds our ego has handed down its judgement of who they are and whether we are prepared to like them.


We are all one

It’s good to be reminded sometimes that we are all the same and all cut from the same cloth so to speak.

It doesn’t matter the:

  • Type of body someone inhabits
  • Face that sits on that body
  • Clothes they cover their body with
  • Colours and products they cover their face with
  • Car their body drives around in
  • House their body lives and sleeps in

When the body stops working and eventually expires as ours will, the clothes, makeup, car and house stays and it’s doubtful we will care about them anymore.

The first of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, of which there are hundreds, states the following.

“Yoga-citta-vrtti-nirodha.”   Translated this means, “Yoga stops the thoughts rolling around in your mind.”

(In case you’re wondering why I’ve suddenly switched to talking about yoga, I refer to yoga philosophy as a whole, not the stretching found in a regular yoga class.)

Without diving into an analysis of the Sutras and Sanskrit language, the point of yoga philosophy is that we are all One and to achieve enlightenment we have to slow all the thoughts in our head.

See if you can practice catching and observing your thoughts. Practice being the observer or the Seer of your mind. Then see if you notice when your ego starts judging people and situations. Perhaps you’ll catch yourself just in time, instead observing from a place of love and remembering we are all One.


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