Guest post by Emily Apple

Have you ever spent time down at the beach during the winter months? If you’ve answered no then you are in the majority. However, in countries like South Africa or Australia, you don’t have to hole yourself up indoors as our winters are fairly mild in comparison to Europe or America. Plus, there’s nothing more hauntingly beautiful than a misty, expansive, deserted beach. Even if the beach seems like a tall order for winter don’t let that deter you from being active.

Becoming sluggish during the colder months results in us settling into old and bad habits which we then have to struggle out of when the summer approaches. You must make an effort to head outdoors though and while this sounds difficult, it’s all about your mindset.

The internet abounds with articles about getting your summer body back – before the summer fun kicks off – but rather, don’t let your summer body go in the first place. 

The reality is that during winter you are likely to eat more, indulge in one more glass of red and steering clear of comfort foods is difficult. Because there’s nothing better than a juicy lamb stew paired with a class of smooth red followed by an indulgent pudding covered in custard – so, enjoy these winter delights with the knowledge that you will work it off the next day.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy some active fun this upcoming winter:

Sign up for a winter adventure with your bestie

Whether you sign up for personal training sessions, a bootcamp class or want to learn a new skill such as rock climbing you don’t have to go at it alone and you don’t have to commit forever. In fact, often if you sign up for classes together with your best friend or sister you get discount and doing something ‘just for winter’ takes the pressure of long-term commitment to something you don’t know if you will like.

Eat a pretzel but then bend like one

Pretzel bending, more commonly known as yoga, is an excellent activity for the winter months. It takes place indoors, often in the most serene studio filled with happy energy and is a great way to while away the time if it’s particularly stormy day. If you would like to up the ante on this type of workout why not attempt a hot yoga class? The studio is set at a sweltering 40’C and you are put through your paces while pushing your body gently. Hot yoga can see you burning up to 500 calories per class.

Get in the arena

Many different types of sports can be played indoors and they can be very social (unlike gym which is often quite lonely). If you enjoy netball, soccer, softball or cricket then be on the lookout for action sports – you can get involved in a community, make new friends and look forward to some friendly matches. The rainy weather and the bitterly cold evenings won’t matter when you are in the arena working for a win.

It’s probably inevitable that we will all pack on a couple of kilos this winter. By the time the sun comes out to play again we will be pulling out our shapewear to suck in all the extra bumps. It’s a good idea to try and remain active so our bodies don’t become unfit too.