• benefits-of-breath

Benefits of the breath


Go to any yoga class and you’ll hear your teacher constantly remind you to notice your breathing; when to inhale and exhale as you move your body through various poses. We breathe without thinking about it but so many of us breathe shallowly and even incorrectly!

When we breathe, our belly should gently rise and when we exhale our […]

  • keep-your-gym-clothes-fresh

Keep your gym clothes fresh and healthy

Guest article by Emily Apple
Photo by Scott Webb

If you’re looking to get fit and healthy then winter is the season to start your new gym routine, in preparation for summer when you can show off what you achieved through hard work.

No matter whether you’re a yogi, a spinning fanatic or if you even lift, your […]

  • Teens-tackle-anxiety-with-yoga

Schools tackle teen anxiety with yoga

Teenagers. If you think back to your time as one, you might recall your teens as being the best years of your life. Alternatively, they could have been the worst years of your life. Mine were ok; I mainly remember shyness, awkwardness, having big feet and braces. In the school social hierarchy, I think I […]

  • 5-yoga-poses-to-relieve-lower-back-pain-from-sitting

Sit much? 3 ways to loosen your tight hips

When we think about hips, they normally belong to a woman and relate to her size and shape. What we don’t give much thought to is hip flexibility both in men and women.
How do we know if our hips are tight?
If you work in an office you probably have tight hip flexors. Sitting at a desk […]

  • Downward-dog-without-sore-wrists

Love your downward dog without sore wrists

Weak wrists?

If you are new to yoga or have gone back to yoga practice after some time off, you might notice a lack of strength in your wrists.

I know some of my beginner students will ask me how to the avoid soreness they feel in their wrists; usually after a few Downward Facing Dogs.

For those […]

  • yoga-vs-the-gym-6-ways-yoga-adds-to-your-workout

Yoga vs the gym: 6 ways yoga adds to your workout


I recently taught a yoga class for a group of strong women. I say that as I know they all regularly work out at the gym. They use weight bearing machines and they are committed to remaining strong and active particularly as they get older.

We warmed up our joints and spine before beginning a few […]

8 Benefits for holding yoga at work

A typical Wednesday for me now is walking into a large corporate building in Docklands, Melbourne and being greeted by the friendly guy at the security desk sees me walk in and asks,

“Got your swag with you again?”

He is referring to my bright orange rolled up yoga mat slung over my shoulders, which along with […]