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As a yoga teacher and meditation teacher and the founder of three clouds yoga, Jemma Newcombe is deeply passionate about helping people feel calm and focussed. People normally reach out to Jemma because they’re overwhelmed with stress, time poor, as well as struggling with their health and overall wellbeing. When she’s not teaching and running her business you can find her making chakra candles, chasing after her large dog and enjoying Melbourne’s restaurants and arts scene.
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Don’t lose your summer body this winter

Guest post by Emily Apple

Have you ever spent time down at the beach during the winter months? If you’ve answered no then you are in the majority. However, in countries like South Africa or Australia, you don’t have to hole yourself up indoors as our winters are fairly mild in comparison to Europe or America. […]

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Perk up at work with meditation

Did you know Google have a chief happiness officer?! Below is 1 of the 7 tips; click on the link below to ready about the other 6.

Since Chade-Meng Tan, chief happiness officer at Google, introduced his Search Inside Yourself program in 2007, many other companies have introduced meditation and mindfulness programs, including Aetna, The Huffington […]

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Tips to manage job stress at work

Job stress is a normal response to the pressures and demands of work. Some people thrive in high-pressure environments and enjoy the ‘buzz’ when they’re facing a tight deadline or have an important presentation coming up. However, prolonged job stress over a significant period of time can be damaging to your mental health.

Finding the right […]

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Namaste boss! Why yoga at work works

This article first appeared in Although the companies highlighted in the article are US based the benefits of having regular yoga sessions in the workplace equally apply to Melbourne workplaces.

Yoga has been proven to alleviate stress in the workplace increasing productivity, relationships within teams and reducing depression and absenteeism. HeadsUp states the following:

$2.30 […]

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The business case for meditation

Teaching mindfulness at work is a great initiative. Teaching staff to get out of their own heads, connect with their breathing, in effect pausing between all the busy-ness, helps staff approach each other and their work in a more meaningful, resilient and effective way. Great for employers and the company overall.
How mindfulness training helps software company Yesware “be […]

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Workplace tips for improving employee health

This blog post from has some great healthy and easily implemented ideas for improving wellbeing in your workplace.

Do you want to reduce absence?

Do you want to increase productivity?

Ask yourself; are your employees fit for work?

It’s a fact that poor health can be attributed to poor diet and lack of exercise. Here are some tips […]

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How an hour of meditation transformed my work day

Earlier this week, Fast Company staff participated in a meditation session for creativity. Here’s how it changed my workday and attitude.
By Alexa Jaccarino

At Fast Company, we write a lot about how to do your best creative thinking. Unfortunately, continually hearing this insight from the best in business doesn’t always save me and my colleagues from […]

10 Abundance-Manifesting Secrets To Practice In Your Daily Life

This article first appeared on by Lloyd Burnett.

Anyone can set an intention to earn a million dollars, but to make a habit of manifesting abundance in your daily life is easier said than done. Here are 10 secrets to help you practice:
1. Begin from a place of love rather than a place of lack.
If […]

Yoga myths debunked

By Emily Apple

Yoga has taken Western culture by storm and with it comes the myths which are attached to this ancient practice. Several myths about the practice of yoga have long been masquerading as facts and now is the time to put an end to it all.
Yoga has become a type of religion
Yoga has got […]

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8 Quick ways to improve your attention span

This article first appeared on
8 Quick ways to improve your attention span
We spend half of our waking hours with wandering minds. Here are 8 easy things you can do to regain your focus.
If your mind tends to wander, you’re not alone. Turns out, human brains are in the moment for just over half of […]