After you find out you’re pregnant everything changes. One minute you’re allowed to do anything you want, eat whatever you want and drink whatever you want. And then the doctor tells you you’re pregnant and suddenly your entire lifestyle has to change. You spend the first few weeks sitting in front of a computer researching what’s safe for your baby.

There are a lot of myths about pregnancy that float around. One of them is that you can’t exercise while you’re carrying. That’s a complete lie. Obviously there are certain moves you can’t do and horse riding is a definite “no”. But there are many workouts to keep you fit during these months. Grab your exercise bras and try out these activities.


Of course, there are many poses you can’t do when you’re expecting. But standing yoga poses are great to do in your first trimester. These will actually help with the uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy. Avoid the difficult poses and anything that places any pressure on the abdomen. When you go into the second and third trimester, try to limit your yoga to meditation and breathing. These will help you immensely when you’re in labour.


Now this is an exercise you can do alone in your living room or in public. You should, of course, stay far away from any jumping, leaping, or strenuous twirling. But a good old dance around the house or simple dance class can really make all the difference. You don’t even need to perspire, but it’s not a bad thing when you’re trying to keep fit. Don’t over-do it, but enjoy it. Dancing will get your mood and your energy levels up.


You’re not going to be joining the Olympic swimming team any time soon, but feel free to enjoy splashing around in the pool. Taking a swim can be both active and calming. It’s also great to feel a little weightless when you’ve got a human being growing in your stomach.


The simplest of exercises, walking is great for pregnancy. It keeps you fit and gives you time to clear your head. It’s also free and you don’t need to have a pool or access to classes. It may get harder and harder as your baby grows, but in the beginning it’s a great way to keep active.

Keeping fit during pregnancy has a lot of benefits and can make all the difference when it comes to how you feel and how you deliver. So, while you do have to watch what you eat, you can enjoy eating for two knowing that you can still keep active.

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Photo credit: Huffington Post