My posture has definitely improved since ditching my desk job.

This doesn’t mean that as an office worker you can’t have great posture nor prevent lower back, neck and shoulder issues. This article from has some great tips as well as 5 key yoga postures which you can practice at home.

Maintaining good posture can be a challenge for those with desk-centered day jobs. As a former employee of a large Canadian financial institution, I am all too familiar with the effects a desk job has on posture.

One might be well-intentioned and sit upright at the beginning of the work day, but as the day progresses, and stress kicks in, the body will begin to slump. The spine begins to round, the shoulders roll forward, and the chin juts out.

This of course has an adverse impact on one’s posture, and furthermore creates a lot of stress on the lower back. When the lower back is rounded, there is greater potential for a nerve root in the lower spine to be compressed, causing pain and numbness.

Focusing on stretching the hips, particularly the psoas, can be one of the greatest ways to relieve lower back pain. Additionally, it can be helpful to bring length back into the lower back through forward folds and mild twists.

Let’s have a look at 5 yoga poses to relieve lower back pain:

1. Thread the Needle Pose, Sucirandasana


Credit: Kristin McGee

Lying on your back, bend your knees so both soles are flat on the mat. Take your right ankle and place it on your left thigh, close to your knee creating a figure-4 shape. Flex the right foot in order to stabilize and protect the knee.

Through the space between your legs, reach your right arm through and interlace the fingers on your left hamstrings. Take an inhale, and as you exhale, pull the left thigh towards your body. You can deepen this further, by gently pressing the right elbow against the inner right thigh. Hold for 10 breaths and then switch sides. Read rest of article…